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Toronto House Painters

If you are planning to paint your home but you, your friends or relatives are limited with your house painting skills (or everyone is just too busy), consider hiring one of 100s’ of professional house painters within Toronto. House painters have years of experience and the necessary knowledge to paint both your home’s interior and exterior at an affordable price.

After all, they do paint all day right? Some residential painters in Toronto specialize in complete custom painting renovations, while others may focus primarily on the commercial side of painting but will still take homeowners occasionally as clients to earn additional income. You want to take your time in researching for a good house painter and you can start by first asking friends and neighbors whose homes had been painted by professional painters.

House Painters Do More Than Decorate

A good house painter will not just paint your home in beautiful colors- other duties may include applying caulk in your cracked walls, weatherproofing your home by installing insulation, prepping the room for painting, thorough clean ups upon job completion, and perhaps a little carpentry to ensure that the walls look their best once they are painted.

Costs That are Included or Incurred in a House Painting Quotation

House painters take several factors into consideration when they give you an estimate on the overall price. They include the quality of the paint they use, the price of the paint, amount of paint they will need, the size of your home or number of rooms you plan to have painted, labor costs, the season when they come to your home to paint, miscellaneous expenses, and travel costs. The best time to arrange for a painting job with a Toronto house painter is during the colder months because the prices tend to be cheaper.

Provide Painter with Important Details During Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting you should tell the house painter which colors and paint sheen you want for each room, as well as the preferred paint brands (if you have any) for those colors. You should also tell the painter the square footage for your home, since this helps the painter determine how big the job is. Also, listen to the painter and allow him to give you sound advice and input, as they have painted countless homes and could have great suggestions. But of course, at the end it will be completed the way you want. You should never let the painter pressure you into signing a contract since you want to interview at least a few house painters before deciding on one.

House painters can save you time and money; but you do not want to choose just any painter based on cost. Research the painters thoroughly and perform background checks- get references from past jobs. Visit the Better Business Bureau’s website and find out if any complaints were filed against the Toronto painter for unethical practices.

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