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Commercial Renovations

Another one of our expertise is undergoing commercial renovations.

We complete everything within industrial and office renovations from bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and new additions; to painting and cleaning.  We are your one-stop contractor for having pretty much any possible reno completed within a workplace.  We are experts in maximizing space and giving your place a new appeal with simple details.

Important Points to Consider When Choosing Commercial Painters

You will find many commercial painters in Toronto who will paint and decorate commercial spaces. They provide painting services to companies such as new home construction builders, offices, hotels, parks, restaurants and doctor’s offices, and industrial factories and buildings. Commercial painter services will cover both exterior painting and interior painting of businesses.

Most businesses will have areas painted for the purpose of improving visual appeal to sections of buildings and offices, patch up gouges or surface blemishes, or to get rid of larger issues such as rust or mold buildup (upon structural repairs).  After a fresh paint job, the spaces will look revitalized, stunning, and attractive to the eye. 

The cost estimation is one of the most important aspects in selecting commercial painters. A business should consider that the costs be competitive and profitable from the business owner’s point of view. Employers build expectations on the basis of this cost.  This cost includes the fees on an hourly contract rate or the cost to complete an area, cost of materials and other miscellaneous supplies necessary to complete the job. Commercial painting contracts can range in costs as some jobs require much more work than others- areas of high traffic, large buildings, and major drywall work which require more time for completion.

A good Toronto commercial painter should possess important characteristic traits including the awareness of his work (consistency), a creative mind, ability to absorb criticism, an artistic sense, a business sense, great communication skills, and enthusiasm and passion for his work.  The painter should also be knowledgeable regarding the variety of materials available to suit a job. 

Commercial painters will use paint which is composed of water soluble paints which are derived from polymer components and petroleum.  These paints are free from oil, so that it reduces the odour and post-painting cleanup. Different color matching services are also provided by many chain stores to match the colors of existing paints. Many types of modern paints are also available in the market which don’t fade easily, produce no paint odour, and don’t allow fungi growth. Many painting supplies can be harmful to one’s health so it’s important that the painter follow instructions carefully.  Therefore, commercial painters should have proper knowledge of the products they use. 

The tools used for painting includes brush, fabric rollers, foam brushes, ground brushes, distemper brushes and spray guns etc. There are many paint brushes available to perform different tasks. For example, a foam brush is used to create a smooth surface with less paint, and a ground brush is generally hard and becomes soft after usage.  For commercial painters, the spray gun is probably one of the best inventions as it enables the painter to paint large areas with perfection in a short time period. All of these tools each serve their purpose when painting spaces.

There are many commercial painting companies in Toronto and the GTA. To be a successful in the local market, the commercial painters should be highly skilled, experienced, and customer-oriented, while having the ability to work on huge commercial projects efficiently and accurately.

Check in the following photo gallery of before and after our recent work on the Renovation of Offices.

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